We have a lot of enquiries from people seeking advice on feeding their ex-racehorse. Whilst in training, many racehorses have a fairly low intake of hay or haylage  and become accustomed to a high volume of high energy compound feed, since this is required for the training and the level of work they are in.

It is important to assess the needs of each ex-racehorse as an individual. Some may have a history of gastric ulcers and some may still have ongoing symptoms and problems. Some horses may be picky and fussy and struggle to settle into a new environment and way of life. When selecting the most suitable diet for them, you will need to consider whether they need their current condition maintaining, or if they still need building up with new muscle and top line for a new career and job in life. If you’re really lucky you may have a good-doer!

Keyflow are here to help! We can provide a tailored diet plan to suit the needs of your horse. Our feeds are low starch and raw materials are all cooked, or pre-digested, ensuring they are non-heating, highly digestible and sympathetic to both the fore and hind gut. 

Keyflow Sensi-Care is a brand-new product designed to provide outstanding levels of nutrition with readily available and balanced amino acids, omega-3 and micronutrients, whilst remaining exceptionally low-starch and high fibre. This incredibly palatable and tempting muesli has a lower feeding rate than traditional compound feeds due to its increased digestibility. When fed alongside Keyflow Pink Mash, it provides the ultimate solution, promoting gut health. Keyflow KeyPlus plus can be added for those horses requiring additional condition, topline or slow release energy.

 Annacotty (pictured) is thriving on his Keyflow diet of Pink Mash and Sensi-Care.  After a memorable career in racing, including winning at Cheltenham in 2015 he has turned his hooves to a new career winning in both the show ring and affiliated BS. Only last week he won at Hickstead’s Championship Show, out of 75 starters. 

If you’d like to speak to one of our nutritionists for further information on any other feeds please click the sample request below or contact us for individual advice.