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I suspect my horse has gastric ulcers, what should I feed?

Gastric ulcers (EGUS) can affect all types of horses and ponies. Goods husbandry is essential, whilst providing an easy to digest, low sugar and starch diet, with a variety of fibre. Pink Mash delivers super fibre and exceptional pro and prebiotic support. Omega Chaff naturally promotes a healthy gastric environment, while Sensi-Care, a cereal free formulation, contains essential micronutrients and further multi-source fibre. Talk to us for complete support with ulcer management.

What is pre-digested and why do I need to know about steam extrusion?

Pre-digested essentially means cooked, this can be done in a small number of ways. We use steam extrusion extensively throughout our products which involves, grinding, adding steam to and gently cooking a mixture of ingredients. The process causes the mixture to expand and any starches and proteins to change structure. This increases the surface area of the molecule, allowing the horse’s digestive enzymes to more readily and thoroughly break them down in the small intestine. Think of a popcorn kernel after it’s popped, the surface area is increased making it easier to digest. Take a look at Key-Plus™ or Stay Cool™ for what our steam extruded feeds look like.

What is strategic feeding?

Strategic feeding is a technique used to meet certain energy or condition requirements. It involves feeding a reduced rate of one feed and using another to topup, to ensure correct levels of vitamins and minerals are still being met. For example, a horse requiring a slight increase in energy, being fed Stay Cool™ (pp.10-11) as a baseline, can have Maestro™ added to the ration to provide a slight increase energy, with the ratio of 75% Stay Cool™ and 25% Maestro™. Contact us for a specific strategic feeding plan for your horse.

My horse is stressy and lacks appetite, how do I maintain and build condition whilst they are in work?

Although not easy, it is possible to feed a balanced ration to this type of horse when you know how. It is likely your horse will only be interested in eating a certain amount of feed at a time so divide the daily feed up into as many meals as is practical, at least 3 but even up to 6 portions. Next concentrate the ration, use high protein balancers such as Nurture Pro and concentrated conditioners like Key-Plus™ to add concentrated nutrients into every mouthful. Finally, if they accept the texture, add oil (Key-3 Oil) to further concentrate the calories in the bucket. Feed plenty of quality hay and make sure they are eating it well, if not change sources. Contact us for help for further ways to help feed this type of horse.


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