How can I save money with Keyflow?

Feeding is often judged on price per bag,per kg or per tonne. Less frequently it is worked out based on cost per day - and also the upside benefits of feeding a premium ration. Keyflow Nurture carries a feeding rate of approximately half that of traditional stud feed - so usually that equates to a cost per day that is less. Also, when feeding Keyflow, our science positively effects fertility, post partum recovery and feeding, development, sales ring price, success and longevity on the race track. The equation for this isn’t so simple or obvious but it is worthy of consideration.

How can omega 3 benefit my breeding and youngstock?

Omega 3’s play a critical role in a horses reproductive processes which include development of soft tissue right through all life stages. Specifically it is long chain omega 3’s (DHA and EPA) that are the most functional and active. Fortunately we include DHA in our stud feeds (Nurture and Nurture Pro) as standard but you always have the option of supplementing it using Key-3 Oil.

What is pre-digested and why do I need to know about steam extrusion?

Pre-digested essentially means cooked, this can be done in a small number of ways. We use steam extrusion extensively throughout our products which involves, grinding, adding steam to and gently cooking a mixture of ingredients. The process causes the mixture to expand and any starches and proteins to change structure. This increases the surface area of the molecule, allowing the horse’s digestive enzymes to more readily and thoroughly break them down in the small intestine. Think of a popcorn kernel after it’s popped, the surface area is increased making it easier to digest. Take a look at Key-Plus™ or Stay Cool™ for what our steam extruded feeds look like.

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