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Pink Mash leads the way in advanced soaked fibre support for the digestive tract. When caring for horses and ponies we can disturb their natural biorhythmic patterns. Pink Mash was created to restore the natural, healthy functioning of the horses gut, despite the environmental challenges that can often occur.

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The Benefits

Heaven for the Hindgut


Suitable for Horses & Ponies

Once the benefits of feeding Pink Mash are discovered first hand, it is likely that the product will become a cornerstone of your feeding regime for all horses in your care. With the demands placed on competitions horses and ponies, Pink Mash can be relied upon to settle and soothe the function of the equine digestive tract.


Natural Antioxidants

Beetroot offers itself as a powerful antioxidant, but it is also a potent source of natural nitrate which converts to nitric oxide in the body. In human science there is research to support the performance benefits of supplementation with beetroot.


World Renowned Probiotics

It’s extraordinarily high fibre content transports Protexin probiotics directly to the hind gut, bolstering and increasing the beneficial bacterial population, MOS prebiotics also bind up and remove unwanted bacteria.



Hydration can easily be overlooked in competition horses, but feeding Pink Mash gives a convenient and effective hydration solution both through the daily feed but also when added to a bucket of water to encourage uptake.

Nutritional Benefits

Pink Mash Nutrition

Nutritional Values & Typical Analysis


Energy De (MJ/kg)














Feeding Guide

Type of Horse / Workload

Amount Fed Per Day


For normal health maintenance

100g of Pink Mash per 100kg of Bodyweight

A 500kg horse would be fed 500g (dry weight) of Pink Mash per day (Less than 2 Keyflow Cups)

For horses requiring an increase in healthy body condition

200g of Pink Mash per 100kg of bodyweight

A 500kg horse would be fed 1kg (dry weight) of Pink Mash per day (Just over 3 Keyflow Cups)

Feeding to horses as a partial hay replacement

Up to 500g of Pink Mash per 100kg of bodyweight

A 500kg horse could be fed up to 2.5kg (dry weight) of Pink Mash per day Just over 8 Keyflow Cups)

Do not use boiling water as it may harm the live probiotics. For best results soak fresh and use within 2 hours. Feed together with a balanced diet. Introduce Pink Mash into feed gradually over a minimum of 7 days, any dietary changes should be made gradually. Total roughage offered should be between 1-2% of bodyweight daily.


Soya hull super fibre, Dried Beetroot, Micronised Linseed, Protexin Probiotics and Prebiotics.

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