Equine Omega-3 Oil Rich in EPA & DHA

Key-3 Oil™ is a blend of premium grade cold pressed linseed and rapeseed oil, salmon oil and garlic, a perfect combination for providing balanced levels of long chain omega 3s DHA and EPA and short chain omega 3 ALA.

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The Benefits


Rich in EPA & DHA

Cold pressed rapeseed and linseed oils combined with powerful salmon oil, along with garlic, creates a perfect blend of omega 3, 6 and 9. A potent source of the critical long chain omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, responsible for wide ranging biochemical functions in the horses body, enable Key-3 Oil™ to provide an abundance of health benefits. An impressive body of research promoting the valuable effects of feeding direct marine source long chain omega 3, provides strong evidence of joint support in 2YO thoroughbreds to lung capillary resilience. Particularly ideal for horses with a history of airway inflammation.


Sugar and Starch Free

An alternative source to carbohydrates (starch and sugar) for horses that are prone to tying-up or sensitive to stomach ulcers.


Easy Supplementation

Top-dress over any ration to increase energy intake and to provide the wide reaching omega 3 benefits.


Supports Red Blood Cell Flexibility

Support red blood cell flexibility, aiding efficiency of oxygen delivery from the lungs to the body.

Nutritional Benefits

Key-3 Oil Nutrition

Nutritional Values & Typical Analysis


Crude Protein


Crude Fibre


Crude Oils & Fats


Crude Ash


Feeding Guide

Type of Horse / Workload

Amount Fed Per Day


For general use and

maintenance for

horses and ponies

30-90ml per day

1-3 Keyflow Pumps

For stallions at stud

60-150ml per day

2-5 Keyflow Pumps

One pump is 30ml of Key-3 Oil. Introduce Key-3 Oil gradually over 14 days. Always provide fresh, clean water. Combine with forage/fibre totalling 1.5%-2% of the horses bodyweight daily. Feeding rates above are a guide only.


Premium cold pressed British linseed oil, cold pressed rapeseed oil, Scottish salmon oil and garlic.


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