The Road to Badminton Blog – Off to Badminton We Go!

Well today’s the day we go knocking on the Duke of Beaufort’s door!

Both my horses are fit and well, ready to go. I had a bit of a scare with Dash two weeks ago with a low grade lung infection, meaning he had a bit of a cough. With a bit of TLC and a quieter week at the time means it is firmly behind us, thank goodness! We have been training hard in all aspects of our work. Not necessarily in a more more more sort of way, as the aim is to move into Badminton with fresh but not too fresh, ready horses.

Dash has a cracking draw- second to last on Friday for dressage. He loves to perform, so lets hope he brings his best performance to the table come Friday afternoon and so do I! The preview of the cross country looks big, different to usual and proper- I’m looking forward to a walk around the famous park for some real perspective of what new course designer, Giuseppe Della Chiesa has done.

And some good weather please!

Lets Go!!


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