*SCROLL DOWN FOR CASE STUDY* Pre-digested, Cereal Free, Palatable Soothing Muesli Keyflow® Sensi-Care® is a super palatable CEREAL AND MOLASSES FREE, high fibre, HIGH OIL, LOW STARCH feed for sensitive horses and ponies. This scientifically formulated ration has been pre-digested by way of STEAM EXTRUSION* and micronisation to support MAXIMUM DIGESTION and absorption of nutrients. These advanced … Continued

Fibre and Fructans; The Keyflow Guide to Managing Laminitis

This week we wanted to remind you that after the glorious sunshine and some much needed spring showers the grass is growing! Great for our fields to finally recover following a very wet and muddy winter, but for those horses who are at risk of laminitis, it is time to consider their management.  We are experiencing … Continued