Golden Oldies®

Golden Oldies® – The worlds first balancer mash Keyflow® Golden Oldies® is a scientifically advanced, comprehensive balancer mash for horses and ponies aged 15 years and over. Created using the highest quality, concentrated ingredients, Golden Oldies® promotes exceptional health, vitality and condition by caring for all facets of the ageing equines unique nutritional requirements. Golden … Continued

Tip #7, 5 simple steps to the perfectly balanced diet

Perhaps now more than ever it is tempting to add supplements and different feeds to your horse’s diet in an attempt to improve condition or perhaps to help with a specific health issue. With the best of intentions we read up and research to find something that we think might be suitable for our horses and start … Continued

Tip #5: How to keep your horse warm during winter

Horses have their own built-in warmth system – a massive ‘internal heater’ called the hind gut – an important part of their digestive system for many reasons, which if fuelled correctly, will keep your horse warm, even on the coldest days. Tip 5: How to keep your horse warm during winter The hind gut operates … Continued

Tip 4: Persistence pays off

Horses are a little bit like children, they need to be guided in the right direction with what they eat. If they are left to choose for themselves they will almost always go for what is the sweetest, or not eat something healthy because ‘they don’t like it’. Perhaps more than any other time of the year, … Continued

Tip 3 Fill the energy gap

Winter feeding tip # 3 – Fill the energy gap!  It’s cold! Horses use significantly more energy when it’s cold and if we don’t make sure they are receiving the right amount of energy in their diet, they will lose weight, particularly the sensitive types.     In addition to this grass doesn’t like the cold, so it’s growing rate slows down significantly. This … Continued

Winter Feeding Tip #2: What you can learn from weighing your hay

Staying on the theme of hay and haylage (or conserved forage), today we’ll talk about the importance of actually knowing how much your horse is eating each day – this is particularly important in winter when horses are stabled for longer periods and have limited or no access to pasture. As well as the quality of the forage you … Continued

Finance Manager

Company Background Keyflow is a growing equine nutrition company that is focused on providing super-premium products, backed by super-premium service and support. Keyflow branded feeds are quickly becoming the UK’s highest performing products across multiple disciplines. Partly owned by Sir Mark Todd, Keyflow’s logistics, admin, sales & marketing operations are based in Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK. … Continued

Tip 1 Why you should feed hay on the floor

Feeding in winter is an art, keeping your horse full of health through the coldest months of the year is challenging but we’re here to help.  Our tip is to feed hay/haylage from the floor where possible Biomechanically, horses are designed to have their heads down when they eat. Grass grows on the ground and so for a … Continued

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Thank you for entering your details – which we have received. If you have requested a feed sample, we send these out weekly – you’ll receive a notification by email or text to let you know when it’s on it’s way. If you have requested feeding advice, a call-back, yard visit or any other request, … Continued