Benefits of Beetroot

Beetroot is a known ‘superfood’ in human nutrition, but why are people feeding beetroot to their performance horses? To answer this, we need to look at advancements in human sports science. There is an increasing body of research in humans based around the high level of natural nitrate (NO3) that beetroot provides. This research has … Continued

Careful Condition

With frosty nights closing in, grass quality declining and turnout time reducing, the Keyflow Team have put together some quick tips for helping your horse maintain condition safely this winter. For those of you who have good doers, you maybe grateful for the chance to use the cold weather to your advantage and allow your … Continued

Have you checked your horse’s droppings?

With the seasons changing and the clocks going back, it really does feel as though Autumn is here. Have you noticed any change in your horse or pony’s droppings?  Your horse’s droppings can give you a surprising insight into the behaviour of their hindgut! Do you monitor their droppings for changes? So – we we would … Continued

Feeding the Ex-Racehorse

We have a lot of enquiries from people seeking advice on feeding their ex-racehorse. Whilst in training, many racehorses have a fairly low intake of hay or haylage  and become accustomed to a high volume of high energy compound feed, since this is required for the training and the level of work they are in. … Continued

Early Autumn Considerations

During the change of season there are several considerations to think about when feeding your horse or pony. At this time of year you need to pay close attention to the growth and quality of your pasture or grazing. This is particularly important for young and old horses, especially where there has been more grass … Continued

Weaning or Prepping?

Despite a change in the weather we are in the middle of ‘summer’! Depending upon the number of youngstock you have, and your breeding programme, you may be thinking about introducing or increasing hard feed ready for weaning or you may be in the middle of prepping your youngstock for forthcoming sales. Have you heard … Continued

Do you have enough or too much energy?

The relationship with energy is always a tricky one. Dietary energy is basically a measure of the calories consumed which can be in different forms, water soluble (sugars) and structural or non-soluble. Many of us may find that during the summer our horses and ponies have either too much energy, and can show fizzy behaviour, … Continued

Spring Management Nutrition Checklist

Many of us are now fortunate enough to have now been greeted with some grass. You may already be restricting grazing to manage weight gain and sugar intake. Obesity can affect all breeds, ages and types of horse and pony. Controlling weight and feed intake, through grass or feed we provide is critical, but also … Continued