One Show, Three Awards

Grounded Expectations

When we embarked on our journey to this years BETA International in Birmingham, we could never have imagined the kind of accolades we would be returning home with a few days later. We as a young company have a head down approach to our work, we’re committed to bringing better equine nutrition to the UK and European markets and now it has been brought to our attention that in doing so, we are breaking new ground.

When you’re as close to your work as I am, it is refreshing to get the opportunity to bring your head up for air and acknowledge that what you’re doing is making a difference for your customers, and most importantly to their horses. We do get some amazing feedback about our products and it’s from this feedback that we learn, grow and improve our offering.

The Innovation Awards

Receiving our Highly Commended Award for Maestro

Entering the Innovation Awards at BETA was for us was almost an after thought. In the lead up to an event like this you’re extremely busy with the organisation and preparations as well as running your normal day to day business. With everything going on it was only at the last minute that we thought we had better put a couple of entries into the feed and supplement category seeing as our products are new, and very different to what is currently available on the market.

The judging Panel was a prestigious one comprising of the renowned Ian Stark, Nicola Wilson, Tom Beech (veterinary surgeon), Jackie Potts (groom for William Fox-Pitt) and Paralympic Gold Medalist Natasha Baker. I was told that the judging process for all categories was extremely robust and thorough, with all aspects of a new products being looked at and assessed before a winner and runner up is agreed.

Multi-Awards Ceremony

There was an air of anticipation when everyone converged upon the fashion show stage where the awards were to be presented, the Innovation awards were the main event but first there was the best stand prizes to be awarded. There were two categories, best stand under 32 metres and best stand over 32m, with a runner up in each catagory also.

Our award winning stand

Much to our shock, we managed to get the Highly Commended Award in the under 32m category. This was quite the surprise as our stand was a mere 6sqm, one fifth of some of the others in our category.  The stand awards were supported and judged by representatives of The Wine and Hamper Company Limited and also World Horse Welfare.  The Judges said “A stand featuring brilliant branding with effective displays”.  We won a lovely hamper as a prize and think that if you’re looking to give a gift that someone will remember go see The Wine and Hamper Company.

Moving on to the Innovation Awards and the first category up was ours for feeds and supplements. After just catching our breath from the first award our name got read out again as Highly Commeneded with Mark Todd Maestro. The Judges had this to say:

Micronisation and wet steam extrusion are advanced feed technologies which result in a low intake product for more effective results. The packaging is excellent and gives a clear overview of the high quality ingredients selected for their ability to support a horse in medium to hard work.”

Both Maestro and Jumpmix took out prizes

We were rapt, we went up to receive our prize and get pictures taken, then as we went to step off the stage they told us to wait there as they began to read out the winner in our category..  And the winner is… Keyflow again! This time with Whitaker Bros Jumpmix! Wow, this was all rather overwhelming and if I’m honest we were up on that stage so much at this point that it was even a little embarrassing. The judges said:

“This is a good quality feed which provides the correct level of energy required by showjumpers. We were impressed by the high specification ingredients including pro-biotics and beetroot which contains Nitrate (Nitric Oxide) to help aid exercise tolerance, power output and stamina.”

Now Back To Work

So all in all it was a fantastic show for us and a welcome boost for the team, it is a nice to get a stamp of approval from our trade association BETA. We were busy the whole show with a lot of mainly local enquiries but some from further afield as well. We’ve got some great certificates to hang on the walls in the Keyflow offices and awards to put proudly on display.

Cam W Price

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