Keyflow Success

We received a lovely email from Mark Todd Bridging the Gap Scholarship Finalist 2013, Holly Bradshaw- so lovely in fact that we thought we would share it with you all! We would also like to congratulate Holly on becoming one of the Bridging the Gap Coaching Bursary winners yesterday. 

Hi Cam,

 I hope you are well. I just thought I would send you a quick email to let you know how pleased I am with the Keyflow feed you kindly gave me (for being a Bridging the Gap finalist). Since your visit to the yard I have continued to feed the products that you recommended and he is now looking like a totally different horse!

 I have also noticed a significant difference in his temperament, he has always been such a sharp, nervous horse and he has become so much more rideable. He is now looking really well conditioned and so many people have been asking me what I am feeding him. I have managed to get at least three other people to start feeding Keyflow as a result of seeing how well Brownie is looking, and his results so far this season are very encouraging so thank you once again.

 Kind Regards,


Holly Bradshaw


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