Keyflow brings Mark Todd CBE to Your Horse Live 2012

Many International event riders like to take a wee break at the end of a busy season, perhaps go on a skiing holiday, or just enjoy being able to work less hours in the day. Not so for our Mark Todd! We have given him plenty of days off this year to compete, win medals, move house…. now he needs to work! So we are bringing him up to Your Horse Live this weekend so that he can tell you all about his new range of feeds he has developed with us!!

Mark will be at our stand from about 1pm on Sunday to answer your questions about his feeds. We will give him a bit of time to sign autographs too, so bring a pen!!! He is also going to feature on the Your Horse Live Celebrity Q&A Panel at 2.40pm alongside Charlotte Dujardin and Ben Maher, to answer any other questions you may have. After that he will be back on our stand (stand 241), so there is no excuse not to come and say hello!!

Also at Your Horse Live will be our Nutritionist, Dr Catherine Dunnett. Cath is highly respected for her nutritional work, and has written many papers on different aspects of horse health and wellbeing. Cath will be with us on Sunday, so come along with your questions and she will be able to answer them for you!!

Mark Todd and Major Milestone at Burghley 2011. Photo courtesy of Lulu Kyriacou

Fancy Riding NZB Campino??

No, we can’t offer you a ride on one of Marks horses sorry, but how about the next best thing? Your face in a picture riding NZB Campino! We are showcasing for the first time our cardboard cut-out of Mark jumping out of the water at Greenwich, and we want you to come and try it!

You will see it at our stand, so come and take a photo with your head in the hole, then to be entered in the draw to win an awesome prize simply upload your pic to facebook and tag Keyflow UK (and like our page too).
We will have this cut-out at other upcoming events as well such as the South West Equine Fair, 8th and 9th December, so keep an eye out for us!!!

Hope to see you soon at YHL!!!

Come and take your photo as Mark Todd on NZB Campino!

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