Jonelle Price on why she feeds Keyflow

Take a look inside the feed room at the Price’s yard and you won’t find hordes of supplements or piles of ‘fancy fibres’. Instead you’ll find a clean, uncluttered space, a well stocked feed trolly and a feed board that even the most non-horsey person could understand.

Running a simplified, premium feeding program is core to the success of one of the hottest eventing stables in the world at the moment – Jonelle explains why:

“The easier things are, the less room there is for mistakes. Tim and I simply don’t have time to be completely hands on with daily feeding so we need everything to be straight forward and logical in here (the feed room)”

When asked why they use Keyflow, Jonelle is direct in her reply:

WEB-14-WEG-NZL-Price-5538“Feeding Keyflow means we know the nutrition our horses are receiving is as good as it can be, it’s about trusting the feed to do its job. Keyflow feeds have exceeded our expectations though, these guys seem to be changing the game”.

Looking at their feed board it’s easy and clear to understand:

“In the off season we tend to feed Stay Cool and Perfect Balance to most of them, we just mix it with a basic chaff from Countrywide. We know how much a scoop weighs so we set how much each horse gets by the scoop. It’s surprising how little we feed. The skinnier ones get Key-Plus added and they all get Key-3 Oil, we love that stuff.”

As the horses begin to work harder their nutritional and energy requirements increase, Jonelle explains this is a smooth and easy transition:

“In February most horses novice and above will move straight over to Maestro with Perfect Balance. For the hotter types we’ll put them on 50:50 Stay Cool and Maestro until we know they’ll be using the extra energy, then we’ll move them on to Maestro with the others. They get more oil when they’re working hard too; up to about four pumps (120mls) a day”.

Looking on the shelves we notice very few supplements:

“We use BoneKare from Keyflow for bone strength and the top ones also get Storm by Racing Blue to buffer lactic acid. We feed these because they are proven by scientific research, we don’t have the budget or time for anything unproven”      Jonelle & Maggie May -4th Pau CCI****

The Price stable has an extremely good soundness record, with their horses being renowned for their ‘toughness’. Nutrition plays a vital role in soft and hard tissue formation and repair including for hooves, bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Jonelle explains why nutrition is so important:

“At the end of the day horses are made of what they eat, and if that’s not right then things can go wrong when you start to put the pressure on. We have very careful management and training programs for our team which is crucial but we also rely on nutrition to support the performance we demand of them”.

Thanks for your time Jonelle and good luck to you and Tim for this season! Follow Tim and Jonelle’s progress on their website

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