Does Pink Mash contain Soya?

The highly digestible/fermentable fibre source used in Pink Mash is from soya hulls. These are the hulls of the beans which are removed in the very first stage of processing. This is quite a different raw material to the full fat soya meal that is used as a protein source in feeds. The oil content is low in soya hulls but as there is a low amount we add in micronised linseed to balance out the omega 3 to omega 6. We haven’t yet (that we have had reported) had a horse react adversely to the product

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Can I leave Pink Mash to soak overnight? / Why do I need to feed Pink Mash within 2 hours of soaking it?

We recommend that Pink Mash is fed within 2 hours of soaking. Although not essential the reason is so the probiotics aren’t wet for too long which can reduce their effectiveness. The minimum soak time is only 3-4 minutes so hopefully you can work out a plan for soaking before feeding. If not soaking the night before will do no harm but may just not be as effective.

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Is your Soya GM Free?

We use the best available protein and fibre sources whilst making every effort to minimise the use of GM ingredients. This is a difficult balance to get right and whilst we cannot guarantee absolute exclusion of GM in a small number of our ingredients, we work hard to source non-GM wherever possible and ideally local British grown. We continue to explore the use of alternatives which includes contract growing non-GM ingredients on UK farms but as a nutritionally advanced, leading brand we can’t afford to compromise on the quality and effectiveness that our nutrition provides in the interim.

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Has Pink Mash got Alfalfa in it? – I heard that Protexin has Alfalfa…?

The Protexin formulation that we use is a raw version that does not contain any Alfalfa.

With the proviso of ‘this product is produced in a plant that may also handle alfalfa’, there is no alfalfa product or by-product in any of the ingredients in Pink Mash.

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