5 Minutes with Flow Rider, Ben Leathers

With the eventing season in full flow, we chat with sponsored rider, Ben Leathers, about what he’s up to. 1. How many horses do you have in work at the moment? I currently have 3 horses in competition with a further 3/4 that I train for owners. 2. Where are you based and what’s the … Continued

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Protein – Friend or Foe?

By: Dr Catherine Dunnett BSc, PhD, R.Nutr Dietary protein is one of the most talked about elements of a horses’ diet.  Whilst the level of protein  in the diet is important for growth and repair, it is the least important source of energy to an athletic  horse when compared to starch, fibre and oil.  Our fixation with protein has over the years led to its  excessive intake being cited as the cause of many ‘ills’ in horses.  This reputation is largely undeserved,  as protein intake per se is unlikely to be the major culprit.

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A Chat With Jack Whitaker

Son of Show Jumping royalty, Keyflow rider Jack Whitaker, is taking on the circuit with full force. At only 15 years old, Jack juggles his school work with riding and travelling the world to compete alongside his Dad, Michael Whitaker. With an extremely promising future ahead, we chat to Jack about what he’s been up to … Continued

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Nutritional Challenges of Springtime

By: Dr Catherine Dunnett BSc, PhD, R.Nutr Moving Towards the Competition Season At this time of year we are optimistically looking forward to Spring, hoping we have left the worst of the winter weather behind us. We are all looking forward to riding more as the weather improves and the professionals and other active competitors … Continued

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Keyflow Represent Best in the World

  Keyflow Feeds is pleased to announce for the second year running, the top 3 horses released on the annual British Eventing Points Board are all fed on Keyflow Feeds. For 2016, Leonidas II (Mark Todd), Classic Moet (Jonelle Price) and Ringwood Sky Boy (Tim Price), took the top three positions.

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Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS)

By: Louise Scott BSc (Hons) – Keyflow Technical Sales Assistant  Gastric Ulcers are common in the equine population, effecting 37% of leisure horses in the United Kingdom. This figure increases to 63% in performance horses and as much as 93% of racehorses that may suffer from the condition within their career. 

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