Tip 1 Why you should feed hay on the floor

Feeding in winter is an art, keeping your horse full of health through the coldest months of the year is challenging but we’re here to help.  Our tip is to feed hay/haylage from the floor where possible Biomechanically, horses are designed to have their heads down when they eat. Grass grows on the ground and so for a … Continued

Winter Feeding Tip

Keyflow Launches Glyphosate Residue Testing Program

Keyflow Statement for soya hull GM status and pesticide/glyphosate residues A note from our MD, Cam Price… Keyflow’s mantra and ethos is ‘through health, comes performance’. We take pride in our products and in the way they are made. We work with some of the most respected and trusted equine nutritionists in the world to … Continued

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Stomach Ulcers in Thoroughbreds – “Prevention is better than Cure”

By Hadden Frost, Keyflow Technical Sales Manager and experienced and respected horseman.   Stomach Ulcers in Thoroughbreds – “Prevention is the best cure” Thoroughbreds are incredible creatures – they have been trained and bred over hundreds of years to become finely tuned athletes, designed for performance, particularly in racing. It’s this athleticism and trainability which … Continued

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Keyflow & the BETA NOPS Scheme

Keyflow Feeds are proud to be a part of the BETA NOPS Assurance Scheme, put in place by BETA to help minimise the risk of Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (NOPS) in equine feed. To become a part of the BETA NOPS Assurance Scheme, our company, as well as our suppliers and partners must adhere to … Continued

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A Guide To Winter-Feeding

By: Dr Catherine Dunnett BSc, PhD, R.Nutr With colder weather potentially on the way and possibly snow in the coming months, many horses and ponies will no doubt benefit from some extra forage and concentrate feed to help keep them in good condition through the remaining winter months.

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8 Top Tips To Help You Secure a Feed Sponsor

Follow Keyflow on twitter @keyflow or on facebook.com/keyflowuk for updates. Subscribe to Equimail by entering your email into the box in the right hand column of this page. Author: Cam Price, Managing Director and co-founder of Keyflow®. Follow @camwprice on twitter. Feed is one of the largest and most consistent expenses that the modern day horse owner faces. Horses are large animals … Continued

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Keyflow welcomes Danielle Dunn to the team

Keyflow Feeds is pleased to invite 24-year old event rider, Danielle Dunn, to their ‘Flow’ developmental sponsorship program. Danielle joins a talented team of up-and-coming equestrians across a variety of disciplines and the top international ‘Key’ riders all of which compete at the highest level of the sport. The riders receive not only premium nutrition … Continued

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