A Guide To Winter-Feeding

By: Dr Catherine Dunnett BSc, PhD, R.Nutr With colder weather potentially on the way and possibly snow in the coming months, many horses and ponies will no doubt benefit from some extra forage and concentrate feed to help keep them in good condition through the remaining winter months.

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Protein – Friend or Foe?

By: Dr Catherine Dunnett BSc, PhD, R.Nutr Dietary protein is one of the most talked about elements of a horses’ diet.  Whilst the level of protein  in the diet is important for growth and repair, it is the least important source of energy to an athletic  horse when compared to starch, fibre and oil.  Our fixation with protein has over the years led to its  excessive intake being cited as the cause of many ‘ills’ in horses.  This reputation is largely undeserved,  as protein intake per se is unlikely to be the major culprit.

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Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS)

By: Louise Scott BSc (Hons) – Keyflow Technical Sales Assistant  Gastric Ulcers are common in the equine population, effecting 37% of leisure horses in the United Kingdom. This figure increases to 63% in performance horses and as much as 93% of racehorses that may suffer from the condition within their career. 

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