Nutritional Challenges of Springtime

By: Dr Catherine Dunnett BSc, PhD, R.Nutr Moving Towards the Competition Season At this time of year we are optimistically looking forward to Spring, hoping we have left the worst of the winter weather behind us. We are all looking forward to riding more as the weather improves and the professionals and other active competitors … Continued

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Feeding the Eventer – Best Practices

By Cam Price, co-founder of Keyflow® feeds @keyflow With the new season getting underway, it is a great time take a closer look at what and how you’re feeding your horse. Small refinements and tweaks to your feeding strategy can produce some excellent rewards, particularly as you put more pressure on your horses throughout the … Continued

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Feeding The Correct Omega Oils

Follow us on Twitter @keyflow or become a friend of Keyflow on facebook  Oils are a great source of energy and when fed correctly, they have whole raft of added health benefits. To achieve these benefits however, it is extremely important that horse owners recognise the difference between an oil high in omega 6 and an oil rich in omega … Continued

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