Keyflow welcomes Danielle Dunn to the team

Keyflow Feeds is pleased to invite 24-year old event rider, Danielle Dunn, to their ‘Flow’ developmental sponsorship program. Danielle joins a talented team of up-and-coming equestrians across a variety of disciplines and the top international ‘Key’ riders all of which compete at the highest level of the sport.

The riders receive not only premium nutrition but also access to the latest scientific nutritional advice and mentoring from Director Mark Todd, Key riders Tim and Jonelle Price as well as John and Michael Whitaker.

Danielle and her 4-star level mount, Zocarla BLH, are big fans of the Keyflow range:

Danielle says: “I feed Zo Maestro, Stay Cool, Pink Mash and Key 3 Oil to help her look and perform at her best. I’m thrilled with the results already and feel confident Zo is prepared for the challenges of our first 4**** at Badminton.”

Danielle recently sat alongside Mark Todd for the Wilberry Does Badminton Evening and spoke about her equestrian achievements and eventing plans for the future, confirming her positioning amongst the best riders in the world flying the Keyflow flag.

Cam Price, Keyflow Managing Director says: “It is great to be able to support, educate and assist talented young equestrians and their horses with our ‘Flow’ rider developmental sponsorship scheme. We hope to enable them to continue to gain success in the sport and to offer them access to all the feeding knowledge we have pioneered.”

He continues: “Dani has already proved to be an incredible athlete and we look forward to supporting her achievements throughout her career.”

Keyflow Feeds’ unique approach to equine feed is revolutionising the performance of horses who are required to compete across all disciplines and levels. The special steam-extruding process applied to their feeds produces a more digestible product than comparative feeds, facilitating healthy digestion and supporting their energy requirements.

Keyflow Pink Mash, dubbed ‘heaven for the hind gut’, is specifically designed to provide Protexin® Probiotic and prebiotics to assist the horses ability to process feed and also contains beetroot, scientifically proven to aid muscle repair in athletes. This hero product is fed to all of Keyflow’s sponsored riders’ horses and the results are speaking for themselves.

Offering the very best feeds through a range of stockists throughout the country, Keyflow products and samples are also available online at


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