5 Minutes with Flow Rider, Ben Leathers

With the eventing season in full flow, we chat with sponsored rider, Ben Leathers, about what he’s up to.

1. How many horses do you have in work at the moment?

I currently have 3 horses in competition with a further 3/4 that I train for owners.

2. Where are you based and what’s the yard set up?

I’m based at Homelands Equestrian, in Partridge Green, West Sussex. I have 4 girls who work for me on the yard looking after 26 horses. One of those is my competition groom.

3. Who is your main competition horse at the moment?

I have one horse Kauto Cyreo who is competing at the Mitsubishi Cup in the 100 section in a few weeks so my focus is on him right now. The other two have had a couple of runs this year to get them into the season.

4. What’s your routine when preparing for a big event?

The routine for any event is good preparation. The horses are out most weeks whether it be dressage, show jumping, combined training or cross country training. The lorry is always ready with all the gear required so the competition day should feel no different than training days for the horses. If I know the section will be in the afternoon I will train the horses in the afternoon a few days before so the are used to working that time of day.

5. What’s your favourite event?

My favourite event would have to be Badminton.

6. What is your feeding schedule?

We have a simple feeding routine, we feed twice a day 7am and 4pm with plenty of hay in between. All our horses go out each day in the winter routine and are out each night on the summer routine.

7. Why Keyflow?

I feed Keyflow feeds simply because of the trainability it gives me with the horse. I have consistency when training and competing the horses which I feel is essential. They all look amazing which is why I don’t just have my competition horses on Keyflow but the whole yard including all my liveries as well.

8. What Keyflow products do feed and what’s your favourite?

We fed the whole range of Keyflow as we have lots of horses needs to accommodate. My favourite feed would be the Pink Mash, it is a versatile and innovative feed which the horses love to eat.

9. If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?

One piece of advice I would give is always enjoy it! Whatever level you ride at you must enjoy what your doing for you and your horse to develop.

Look out for Ben around the circuit this year flying the Keyflow flag.

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