BeetrootThe beneficial effect of vegetables on human health has been known for many years.  The vegetable beetroot is a good source of protein and digestible fibre and it is also rich in antioxidants and contains beneficial polypehonols including resveretrol and quercetin.  However, recently, the power of beetroot for athletes has been highlighted.

Beetroot is a rich source of NITRATE, which in the body can be converted to metabolically active nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide is a potent vasodilator (relaxes blood vessel walls) and has a number of beneficial effects on blood flow and on the energetic cost of muscle contraction and energy generation in muscle cells.

The main beneficial effects of Nitric oxide are to lower blood pressure and to increase the economy of exercise by allowing the muscles to use less oxygen therefore improving exercise tolerance, power output and stamina.  These effects are thought to be brought about by an increase in the delivery of blood to muscle tissue, a reduction in the use of the muscle energy stores ATP and phosphocreatine, as a result of an increased efficiency in mitochondria the energetic power house of muscles.

Keyflow Feeds Containing Beetroot