Dr Ray Biffin in combination with his business partner, the world renowned Biochemist Hub Regtop, run the highly successful and often ground breaking animal products manufacturer Agricure Pty Ltd in NSW Australia. Ray is a veterinarian and has been an equine nutritionist for over 30 years.

Dr Biffin has long been involved as a consultant nutritionist to the Southern hemispheres largest premium equine feed brand Mitavite Horse Feeds. Ray was responsible for the formulation of Mitavite’s very first feed in 1987 and they are still Mitavite’s head nutrition consultants to this day.

Ray’s company Agricure manufactures feed premixes, innovative and ground breaking supplements and prescription medicines. Ray is well known and respected amongst the worldwide professional community for his research into new fields of equine nutrition and medication. Along with Hub, Ray has authored many published scientific papers and released more than a dozen patented animal health products.

Included in Ray’s long list of achievements is establishing and running Murrurundi Horse Hospital where he pioneered the use of floatation therapy to mend broken bones in horses.

A practical and experienced horseman Ray has always had his own stables where has trained successful showjumpers, eventers and Australian stock horses. He has also trained winners in both harness and gallop racing codes.

A great example of how Ray marries practical horsemanship with equine scientific research is in the development of Quinaquanone™, a unique patented compound of bio-available Vitamin K1 and K2. It has long been known that horses on good amounts of high quality fresh green grass have fewer bone and joint related issues. Ray and his partners researched this in depth which culminated in the creation of the patented active ingredient Quinaquanone™. Quinaquanone™ is responsible for increased equine welfare around the world through decreasing bone and joint issues such as OCD and shinsoreness and can be found in the Keyflow distributed product BoneKare™ .

Dr Ray Biffin is a consultant Key Nutritionist to Keyflow® and works in collaboration with Dr Catherine Dunnett on Keyflow® feed formulation whilst providing ongoing technical support.