Dr. Catherine Dunnett is the founder of Independent Equine Nutrition (IEN); a worldwide consultancy business based near Newmarket, the UK’s headquarters of horseracing.  IEN offers an innovative range of consultancy services which incorporate product design and formulation, prohibited substance analysis, nutritional troubleshooting and commercial technical support.  Catherine is highly regarded by professional riders, veterinarians and nutritional scientists as having a knowledgeable but practical and pragmatic approach to nutrition.

Originally from North Wales Catherine’s passion for horses grew from an early age and although she has only ever ridden for pleasure, horses have always featured highly in her world and largely drove her career ambitions. A graduate in Biological Science from Bristol, Catherine soon found her niche in research at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, where she undertook her PhD in nutrition.  Here Catherine was involved in much of the groundbreaking exercise physiology and nutrition research undertaken in the ‘90’s.  A period of time at Dengie horse feeds gave Catherine invaluable experience in the ‘real world’ of commercial horse feed in her role as product development manager and paved the way for the consultancy business she operates today.

Today, Catherine helps to shape the formulations and technical information of a wide range of companies all over the world, but was particularly excited about working with Dr Ray Biffin, Mark Todd, John Whitaker and Michael Whitaker on Keyflow’s new and innovative range of feeds.[