Rachel is based in Yorkshire, and juggles a busy life of running her construction surveying company “All She Surveys”, being mum to her son Bud as well as looking after and competing her horses.

She has competed her fabulous horse Mji Limmerick Bell up to three star level, with her latest entry at this level being at this years Bramham International Horse Trials where the team positioned a respectable 43rd.

Rachel’s love of horses began when aged 7 when she used to watch her sister go riding and decided to see what she was missing out on. she has certainly come a long way since then, but has definitely had some bumps along the way; on one occasion whilst preparing for a showjumping event she washed her horse, El Cid, before loading him up and taking him to the show. On arrival she entered the classes, walked the course then went back to tack up El Cid, only to find he had reacted to the body wash so was unable to get his saddle on, meaning she just had to pack up and head home. Thankfully most of Rachel’s outings are much more successful than that and with Rachel continuously progressing her training she looks to have a bright competition career ahead!

Top Tip from Rachel!

“Try using a heart rate monitor on your horse for solid feedback on both fitness and anxiety levels. I’ve found I can take my best horses heart rate down by 100 bpm with 1 pat, massively changing my attitude towards him and his training and giving me a better understanding of how he reacts to different stimuli.”

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