A Chat With Jack Whitaker

Son of Show Jumping royalty, Keyflow rider Jack Whitaker, is taking on the circuit with full force. At only 15 years old, Jack juggles his school work with riding and travelling the world to compete alongside his Dad, Michael Whitaker. With an extremely promising future ahead, we chat to Jack about what he’s been up to lately.

1. How’s the riding going, what horses do you have at the moment?
Great at the moment, I’ve had some really good results recently including a Gold Medal at the 2016 Pony European Championships in Denmark on Elando Van De Roshoeve. I’ve got a really great string of horses at the moment and my top ones are Valentine Z Stakkato de Fee and Cherry Fras.
2. What are your next few big competitions?
My next big competions now will be 3 weeks in Oliva Nova so we are just getting the horses ready for that.
3. Which competition are you looking most forward to?
Probably looking forward to the trip to Spain. I’ve heard some good things about the show and I’m very grateful to be able to jump there.
4. How does it feel competing against your Dad?!
I like competeing against my Dad, it adds a new level of challenge.
5. What are your goals with riding/if you had one wish what would it be?
My wish would be to win individual gold at an Olympics.
6. How many horses do you ride a day?
When I have school I ride about 2-3 a night. On the weekends or holidays 5-7.
7. How do you fit school into your schedule?
I fit riding into my schedule after school. I try to keep up with my studies so the school is more agreeable to let me take time off to go and compete.
8. What’s your one piece of advice you would give for riding a clear round?
Concentrate and stay relaxed.
9. Do you ever feed up in the morning… and if you do, do you know much about what Keyflow products the horses are fed?
I personally don’t feed in the mornings but I know we feed Keyflow Jump Mix which makes them all look and feel really good.
We wish Jack all the best of luck this year and will watch on with anticipation as he competes around the globe flying the Keyflow flag.

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