5 Things You Need To Know About Feeding Oil

  • Omega 3 (especially long chain) is magical stuff – it helps support respiratory systems, coat and skin condition, joint support and fertility.
  • Need a cooling conditioner? Oil is an excellent, starch free source of slow release calories.
  • Introduce oil slowly and avoid a messy box! Some horses can get loose droppings from too much oil, or oil introduced too quickly into the diet.
  • Keep it balanced – use a trusted brand that is blended and balanced specifically for horses.
  • Check the oil levels in your current feed. Some already contain high levels of oil, so you may not need to add more.
Key-3 Oil uses top quality, cold pressed ingredients and is excellent value for money. ‘3’ in the name refers to the use of cold pressed linseed, rapeseed and salmon, providing fantastic results for horses. It is carefully balanced and contains high levels of the all important longer chain omega 3’s DHA and EPA.

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