13 Days to Christmas.. NZB Land Vision

We asked our KeyRiders about the horses that have been extra special to them, and we will celebrate them by posting about one on our blog and social media pages each day until Christmas. Get involved and vote for you favourite on our Facebook or Instagram!


13 Days to Christmas..

NZB Land Vision, by Sir Mark Todd

“Ben” will always hold a special place in my heart for winning Badminton for me after my sabbatical from the sport.
I had come back after an 8 year stint away from the sport with the aim of going to the Olympics in 2008. My enthusiasm for the sport was still high and I carried on to win my 4th Badminton title 30 years after my first and it was an amazing moment.

Ben had to dig deep for me on the xc that day as he tired in the mud. To show jump so well and clinch the title on the final day is a feeling I won’t forget.

Ben is superbly talented, he loves competing but can be a bit grumpy in the stable and likes to be the king pin!




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