11 Days to Christmas.. Vortex

We asked our KeyRiders about the horses that have been extra special to them, and we will celebrate them by posting about one on our blog and social media pages each day until Christmas. Get involved and vote for you favourite on our Facebook or Instagram!

11 Days to Christmas..

Vortex, by Tim Price

Also known as Ed Jr. Quite ironic as most of his life he was the more senior horse in my team, but when I first bought him he was the second and younger Ed on the yard and Eddy J just stuck.

I bought him after my father spotted him in a field right down in the depths of South Island New Zealand while on a business trip. He spoke to the owner and discovered he was finished racing, of impeccable NZ Thoroughbred bloodlines and unwanted. Dad told me about him when he got home. Sight unseen and off dad’s good eye for a horse, I decided he was worth the risk. I coughed up the $250 purchase price plus the $200 transport cost and next you knew the scrawny dark bay NZTB was on my doorstep.

We clicked instantly. The beauty of his type is he always worked slightly beyond his means. Weather it was trusting in something just introduced in his training before he really understood it, or growing another leg when it counted cross country, he soon defined himself as a special little horse.

One year after buying him he won the NZ National Three Day Event at Taupo. One week later he was sold for six figures plus to Sweden. After winning me my first national title, this was his second gift to me. This enabled me to move myself, my other horses and my life to the UK. Three years mucking around at one star level later, Ed Jr was back with me, to be sold for his Swedish owner. I (and Bank Of Scotland) became that new owner! We picked up where we left off and were soon back at advanced, ready to take on a four star. We completed three out of the four fours stars we competed at, best result being a 20th at Badminton. Ed gave me some great experience at top level, almost achieving a team slot at the World Games in 2010 had it not been for an injury. But most importantly, he taught me how to ride accurately and if not accurately then to be decisive and committed but with balance. If I did these things well enough, then this little horse who truth be known was never really designed for top level would accomplish anything I asked of him with style.

I will always be grateful for the friendship we had and what he did for me. Thanks Eddy J!!

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