“I recommend my clients use BoneKare™ for cases of developmental orthopaedic disease and bone injuries in young stock”

– Oliver D Pynn BVSc, CertEP, MRCVS – Rossdales, Newmarket UK


BoneKare® is a research proven supplement that is fed for the maintenance of healthy bone density and structure in both young and mature horses at risk of, or suffering from bone related disorders and injuries.

Disorders may include OCD’s and DOD’s in yearlings and DMD (shin soreness) in 2 year olds as well as bone related injuries and fracture risk in all horses.

BoneKare® contains the active ingredient Quinaquanone® known as KQ. KQ is a stable and readily bio-available form of Vitamin K. Vitamin K has a critical effect on the function of Osteocalcin, the protein that binds the mineral and protein in bone together.

Why BoneKare™ is the missing link in bone health:

  • The only equine product to provide a stable, bio-available form of Vitamin K
  • Effective for horses at risk of bone related issues and disorders
  • Scientifically proven to increase bone density
  • Outstanding results with bone cysts and navicular radiographic changes
  • Dramatic trial results with severe OCD lesions in yearlings
  • Trials shown to reduce the incidence of sore shins in 2YO racehorse
Vitamin D as Vitamin D3 (E671) 200.000 iu
Vitamin K as vitamin K1 140 mg
Protein 0.00%
Oils and Fats 0.00%
Fibre 0%
Ash 14.50%
Phosphorous 3.6%
Sodium 0.50%
Calcium 4.5%


Per horse per day, mixed in with the feed. May be split between two feeds

Foal/Yearling 20-30 g
All horses over 2yo: 50 g
Foal/Yearling 50-60 g
All horses over 2yo: 100 g

Due to the high concentration of vitamin D3 this feed supplement should not exceed 2% of the daily feed ration.